history-fincaWhile riding horseback one morning in the late sixties, actor/comic Terry-Thomas and his wife Belinda discovered “Can Talaias”.
It was just an old, rundown hilltop finca surrounded by dry wheat fields and carob trees but with altogether breathtaking views, it was heaven on earth. It took years to build the main house which was extended from the original finca.
The improvements were done in a gorgeous ibicencan style, with thick walls and soft rounded edges. Of course, the eccentric luxuries found their places in the dark wood floors, the large arched windows (with cushions) and the lovely fire places.
In its gardens and greenhouses, various plants indigenous to the Baleares are cultivated, especially the water-wise varieties.
Ten years ago, Can Talaias became one of the first AgroTurismo’s on the island.
Today, it is managed by Terry-Tomas’ youngest son, Cushan and Laetitia. They maintain a very relaxed style which makes for the perfect holiday.


tomas_sellersBorn in North London, Terry-Thomas came from a working class background yet became stereotyped as an upper-class cad. From the comic rotter school, he was particularly associated with the Boulting Brothers comedies in the 1950s and post-war British film comedy with its links back to radio and music hall.
Terry-Thomas’ type was a combination of the raffish World War II pilot and upper-class rogue who spent too much time at the racecourse, a type which exported well…

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